Strong vs. Mild Bubble Tea Flavors

Strong vs. Mild Bubble Tea Flavors

At Ma’s Tea House, you'll notice that we have a large menu of drastically different flavors. Some drinks may be for those with a sweet tooth, some with a caffeine boost, and some can even be with protein! We cater toward every need, so everybody can enjoy the delicious taste of bubble tea! You may also find that some of our flavors have more of a kick than others. This is intentional for those who may have sensitivity issues to stronger and sweeter flavors. In this article, we will be going over some of the strongest and weakest flavors we offer at the tea house, as well as a middle ground so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Before we start off the list, we should first acknowledge that sweetness levels and a stronger taste go hand in hand. Some of the sweeter flavors like strawberry lemonade, have a stronger taste to them, however this is not always the case! Other flavors like black milk tea, or Korean coffee are not as sweet but quite strong! 

Fruity Flavors - Strong! 

At the tea house, we offer three main fruity flavors: Passion fruit, strawberry, and mango. All three of these flavors are extremely refreshing when iced, and provide one of the stronger, sweeter tastes that you might be looking for. What these have in common, is that they do have real fruit components in them, and are made of their prospective jam. In our passion fruit tea, the seeds are included. In the mango fruit tea, there are real mango chunks that are optional to include in your drink. In our strawberry, it can be compared to the jam you buy at the grocery store to make PB&J. 

The three drinks above are among our sweetest options, so if you have a sweet tooth those are for you! Some of the other strong fruity flavors that we provide are white peach, lemon kumquat, strawberry lemonade, lychee, and grapefruit* (*limited time offer).

Black Milk & Korean Coffee - Strong! 

As stated above, not all strong tasting drinks need to be sweet! At the tea house, we provide black milk tea and Korean coffee for those who are not looking for a sweet flavor. Black milk tea is very comparable to south asian chai, and goes well with brown sugar syrup. It has a strong tea flavor and is among our favorites. 

Korean Coffee is another strong flavor that isn't sweet either. It tastes exactly like your classic coffee (but make it Korean!), and goes great when paired with our black tapioca pearls. If you do not like the bitter taste of coffee, it may be a good idea to add a little extra sugar, but it definitely is not needed! Pumpkin spice Korean coffee is also on our seasonal menu now! It tastes just like the normal Korean coffee but with a pumpkiny, autumn-like twist! 

Taro - Middle Ground! 

If you are not looking for anything too sweet, but also want a great flavor, then our taro milk tea is just for you! It has a slightly sweet and earthy flavor with subtle vanilla undertones. There are not many drinks that compare to it, so you have to try it to find out! Some say it tastes like nuts, others say it tastes like vanilla, but the truth is that the taste is just taro! Taro is a rooted vegetable similar to beets and radishes, and it originates from southeast Asia. 

Lavender - Mild! 

Although our drinks are made to taste phenomenal, that doesn't always mean that they have to have a kick in flavor! Our lavender milk tea is a great example of this, because it smells stronger than it tastes. When you smell this drink and close your eyes, it's easy to pretend like you are in a vast open field filled with lavender flowers. This delightful smelling drink also comes with a fantastic flavor! This flavor will not overpower you and is great for those who may be sensitive to stronger tastes. 

Matcha & Honeydew - Mild/Middle Ground!

Matcha and honeydew are both great because they don't have a super strong taste, but are still amazing for anybody looking for a bit more flavor. Our honeydew bubble tea tastes almost exactly like the inner part of the real fruit! If you’ve ever had the honeydew fruit, you'd know that the closer you get to the center, the sweeter it is. Put that flavor into a drink and you have a small piece of paradise! 

Our matcha flavor tastes just like you'd expect. A green but sweet vanilla taste as well as slight bitterness can be found in each sip of this flavor. When paired with black tapioca, this drink can easily go to the next level! 

There are many more flavors to choose from at the tea house, and we can cater towards anybody's request. If you aren't too keen on sweetness, but still would like to try our sweeter flavors like strawberry lemonade, you can always ask us to make it mild! We use cane sugar and our sugar levels, so far, range from 0% (no added sugar), to 30%, 50%, and 70%. You as the customer can customize your cane sugar level via kiosk, app, online ordering, phone order, and even in-person. Don't be shy to ask for a special request or something different, because at the tea house, YOU are our number one priority.

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