Try Something New— Floral Teas

Try Something New— Floral Teas

Sometimes when ordering new things, you hesitate to leave your comfort zone. If you are looking for something new to try, but aren't exactly sure where to start, I recommend the floral teas that Ma’s Tea House has to offer! We carry many varieties of floral teas ranging from rose fruit teas to lavender milk teas. Give it a shot!

Lavender is known to be an aromatherapy agent, but the idea of it in a tea may seem peculiar. Our lavender milk tea carries the familiar lavender scent, but only has a slight hint of the perfume-esque flavor. The rest is similar to a black milk tea— refreshing, creamy, and satisfying.

If lavender is something too perfume-y for your taste, jasmine milk tea may be milder on the taste buds. It has a sweet flavor, similar to that of vanilla but more delicate and slightly bitter. Infusing this and making it into a milk tea creates a unique blend of comforting flavors.

For those who are into more intense floral flavors, our rose fruit tea is the way to go. This fruit tea strongly tastes like rose, similar to the taste of a strawberry mixed with green apples. This type of tea is not suggested for those who want a milder taste, but it is definitely something worth trying. Rose petals are entirely healthy for consumption, and are even linked to weight loss.

If you are willing to stray away from your usual order and are looking for something fresh and luscious, please consider ordering one of Ma’s Tea House’s floral teas to satisfy your taste!

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