What Toppings To Choose When Ordering Bubble Tea

What Toppings To Choose When Ordering Bubble Tea

When coming into a bubble tea shop, you’d be amazed to find that there are countless toppings to choose from. Many people are not even aware that some toppings even exist until they see it for themselves! Ranging from classic black tapioca, to exotic popping boba, there's a topping for every drink out there! In this article, we will be going over the various types of toppings and add-ons YOU can add into your bubble tea. 

Black Tapioca: 

If you like to stick with the classics, the black tapioca pearls are just for you. The sweet, chewy, and delectable texture is what people sought after when ordering this topping. Black tapioca pearls go great with the milk tea flavored drinks such as taro, black milk, or earl gray, but that doesn't mean they don't taste good with the fruity flavors! 

Black tapioca pearls are not just a topping for drinks, they can be added into ice cream, pudding, and other similar sweets. Our tapioca is seasoned to perfection to make sure you always have that delicious, sweet taste. Black tapioca pearls are also paired well with our free add-on, brown sugar syrup. 

Brown Sugar Syrup: 

Brown sugar syrup is one of the free additions we offer in our drinks here at Ma’s Tea House. It is primarily made up of brown sugar, and has a caramelized, toffee like flavor. It is not as sweet as white granulated sugar, so adding more to your drink is not as bad as you might think! 

In addition to it giving a brown sugar taste to your drink, this topping is also a cosmetic addition! When added into a drink, it will stick to the sides of the cup, giving it a design that looks like a dark curtain covering the window (the outer layer of the boba cup)! 

Lychee Jelly: 

Lychee jelly is an extremely popular choice when you are looking for a different type of topping to add to your bubble tea. It is not like the black tapioca, nor is it like the popping boba. It's not round, nor is it chewy. It truly is the most unique type of topping you can add to your drink. 

How it tastes is exactly what you would expect, it is just like the lychee fruit! It is a little tart and quite sweet. It is also soft, but not in the same way that black tapioca is. Lychee jelly goes great with the more fruity flavors such as strawberry, passion fruit, and white peach. 

Edible Sparkles: 

While this doesn't add flavor, here at the tea house we offer halal & kosher certified edible sparkles! These are great when you want to get that picture perfect drink to post onto your snapchat story. The sparkles show up best in fruity flavored drinks, as they are more transparent and can allow the light to shine through. These sparkles are a cool and fun addition for children, as well as anyone looking to add a little more magic to their drinks. 

Popping Boba: 

Saving the best for last, is the exotic popping boba! These bubbles are designed to explode in your mouth, releasing a burst of superb flavor. The outer layer, which keeps the liquid inside, is made up of a completely edible seaweed. Inside the thin seaweed layer you will find the true star of what makes popping boba so great, and that is the flavor! 

Our popping boba is by far our most popular and diverse group of toppings. From strawberry to mango, or pomegranate to lychee, there are countless different flavors to choose from when ordering your popping boba. Some people even choose to mix it up and have two or three different types of popping boba in one drink!

Popping boba is best with fruity drinks like rose, white peach, or strawberry, however you can also choose to add it with milk teas! Because this topping is so diverse, it can go great with almost any drink. Some milk tea flavors you can try with popping boba are honeydew, taro, and mango milk. 

The world of toppings and customization when it comes to bubble tea drinks is almost endless. There are (yes this is true), hundreds of thousands of different combinations you can try when it comes to getting creative with your drink. Come stop by at Ma’s Tea House to learn more about what toppings to choose when ordering bubble tea!

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