Our Story

Ma's Tea House 

Founded on July 2021, just after the pandemic's peak, Ma's Tea House is the product of a collaborative Ma Family project. We always dreamed of having a business that embodied our family name. "Ma," in Chinese, can mean a lot of different things. However, our last name is the Chinese character for the animal "Horse."

The horse is a majestic animal that embodies the spiritual power of independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, heroism and competition. Its symbol is associated with strength and courage.

With the symbolism in mind, our logo was inspired by the calligraphy of the Chinese character "Ma" mixed with the appearance of a horse. Thus, we hope our business can also symbolize nobleness and full of endurance.

We believe consuming tea is a gateway to better, healthier, and more vibrant social interactions. We strive to be the best go to spot for drinks in our local community, but we hope to grow, expand our business, and hope to invite others to join the extended Ma family one day!