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Non-Dairy Milk Teas

How to order:

1. Choose Size:

- Regular


2. Choose Flavor:

(e.g. Taro or Honeydew)

3. Choose Sugar Level:

-0%-little sweet




we use Cane Sugar!

4. Choose Ice Level:

-NO ICE but still cold



5. Add Toppings:

(e.g. Tapioca Pearls, Lychee Popping)

6. Add ons:

-FREE Brown Sugar Syrup

-Mix 2 Flavors (e.g. Matcha + Taro) +$1.00

-Extra Toppings +$0.5

-Vanilla Frappe +$0.50

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Refreshing Fruit Teas

How to order:

1. Choose Size (Regular or Large)

2. Choose Flavor (e.g. Mango or PassionFruit)

3. Choose Sugar Level (0%, 30%, 50%, 70%)-all flavors have some sweetness to its taste)- we use Cane Sugar!

4. Choose Ice Level: NO ICE but still cold, Light, Extra

5. Add Toppings (e.g. Tapioca Pearls, Lychee Popping)-totally optional

6. Add ons: Edible Sparkles (makes your drink shine and glimmer, no taste, Kosher certified, Halal certified, Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free) +$0.25, Mix 2 Flavors (e.g. Lychee + Mango) +$1.00, Extra Toppings +$0.50, Iced Slush +$0.50

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Non-Dairy Fruit Smoothies

How to order:

1. Choose Size (Regular or Large)

2. Choose Smoothie Blend (e.g. Strawberry Banana or Mango)

3. Choose Plant-Based Milk base (e.g. Almond milk or Oat milk)

4. Add Toppings (e.g. Tapioca Pearls, Lychee Jelly-totally optional)

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