BOOST your BOBA With These Tips!

BOOST your BOBA With These Tips!

When ordering boba for the first time, it is a real possibility that you may feel like something is missing. Whether you feel like something can be added, or completely changed, we got your back at Ma’s Tea House! Oftentimes, customers choose to mix flavors, or try “weird” combinations with toppings, and it ends up being just the thing that they were looking for! In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular… and unpopular additions YOU can try next time you order boba! 

Popping Boba: 

Starting off the list with the most popular addition to our fruity drinks, is popping boba! Popping boba consists of a sugary syrup coated in a layer of carrageenan, so when bitten into, it explodes in your mouth giving you a superb burst of flavor! Carrageenan may sound scary, but it's simply just an extract taken from red seaweed. It is completely edible, vegan, kosher, and halal! 

Here at the Tea House, we have numerous flavors of popping boba including but not limited to: strawberry, pomegranate, green apple, lychee, and mango! 

Cane Sugar: 

The next most popular addition to any drink is some added cane sugar! At Ma’s Tea House we use percentages similar to other bubble tea shops. The regular percentages come in 0%, 30%, 50%, and 70% however we are able to customize it to your specific liking. If you want it just a tiny bit sweeter, we can add as little as 10% into your drink! 

Cane sugar is popular when added into stronger tasting milk teas, such as oolong. It also pairs very nicely with our Korean Coffee. 

Lime Juice & Aloe Vera SPLASH!:

If you like the taste of your drink, but prefer it to have a kick, or just a little more flavor, we offer lime and aloe juice splashes to be added to your beverage. Adding lime juice will make it more tart and sour, but at the same time give it a refreshing and awakening effect. Lime juice is great for building a healthy gut, and improves immunity due to its high levels of vitamin C! 

Aloe vera juice is also a promoting factor in fighting diabetes and heart disease. Aloe is great for managing weight and giving your body a healthy source of antioxidants. Try one of these next time you order from us! 

Tiger/Brown Sugar Syrup: 

Brown sugar syrup is not only a visually appealing addition to your drink, but it will also give it a delectable flavor that is hard to dislike. When adding brown sugar syrup to your drink, it will be served to you drizzled on the inside, giving it an extremely aesthetic appeal, perfect for posting on Instagram! Brown sugar syrup is mostly added into our milk teas, because it blends well with the flavor and gives it the nicest look, however some boba-fanatics choose to have it added to their fruit teas! 

Adding it into your fruit tea is definitely an unpopular choice, but it might just be what you are looking for! Here at the tea house no request is too big or too strange for us, so don't be shy to ask! 

Mix Two or More Flavors: 

Mixing flavors is a very popular choice when people are looking for a new taste. When adding flavors together, it is very possible to come up with a taste that nobody else has ever even experienced! 

We did the math so you don't have to: When mixing two flavors together from our menu, there are 377 different possible combinations you can come up with. If we up this number to 3 flavors, this number goes all the way up to 3,275 different combinations! Any

higher and this number just gets crazy- but we like crazy so if we decide to include all the additional add-ons, such as cane sugar, sparkles, toppings, etc…choosing 3 of these together (ex. 2 flavors and 1 topping), will let us experience 29,260 DIFFERENT possible combinations. 

To wrap this article up, just for fun, if you choose to mix 5 of these together, (ex. 2 flavors, 3 toppings), the possible number of different outcomes is 4,187,106! (Number of possible outcomes is subject to change based off of menu additions/deductions. Calculations done on 9/4/22) 

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