Try Something New: Pumpkin Spice

Try Something New: Pumpkin Spice

It’s that time of year again, the trees are starting to change colors, the wind is starting to feel a bit colder, and most importantly, pumpkin spice is now back in season! At the Tea House, some of the items on our menu are limited time only, meaning they come and go depending on the season. One of those items, which also happens to be an extremely popular choice, is our pumpkin spice bubble tea! 

This seasonal drink comes in two variants: Mocha, and Korean Coffee. Both variants of the drink are absolutely delicious, but different at the same time. The Mocha is for our chocolate lovers out there. It comes with a sweet and savory chocolate taste, but also that caffeine boost that you’d find in most mocha flavored drinks. This is the more popular option when people order their pumpkin spice bubble tea, but the Korean coffee is just as good! 

The Korean coffee variant of our pumpkin spice bubble tea is for our coffee lovers. When choosing this variant, you’d find that it tastes exactly like what you would expect, so no surprises here! It is a strong coffee flavor mixed with pumpkin spice, and your taste buds will have a blast with it! 

Overall, the pumpkin spice bubble tea is always a big hit every year, and it just makes fall time a bit more magical. Order it quickly before it's gone, but don't worry because we’ll have more seasonal drinks throughout the year, and before you know it, the pumpkin spice will be back in rotation!

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