Why Ma's Tea House?

Why Ma's Tea House?

When you hear the words bubble tea, you may think of the bigger chain stores. After all, they are everywhere, you can find them at the mall, random standalone locations, or even catering events! While this is great, they often lack personality and a welcoming appearance. Creativity and experimentation with drinks is also mild, and you aren't able to create a long lasting relationship with the brand. At Ma’s Tea House, we pop the boba of our competition when it comes to things like this. 

Friendly Employees

At the tea house, our employees are trained to put the customer first. We enjoy engaging in conversations and building relationships with whoever walks through the door. You might even find that we will greet you by your own name if you are a familiar customer! We believe in the kindness of people's hearts and strive to make positive impacts on all of our customers. 


There are thousands of different flavors you can come up with when you order your boba, so creativity is a huge part of what we believe in. If you find that you're looking for something new, don't be shy to get creative with it! No request is too big, small, or strange for us, and we are happy to make any drink you'd like. Sometimes, when getting creative with your drink, you could possibly end up creating a new flavor that nobody has ever even experienced! 

Welcoming Appearance:

If you ever come to check out the tea house, you'd find that we are different from the other chain stores. One of our biggest differentiating factors is our cafe and homey-like environment. From music, to warm lights, when you walk into the shop you will always feel a positive mood. Our large windows allow as much natural light in, as well as warm interior lights that set the mood. If you come in on a rainy day, you might just want to stay for hours relaxing with the vibe. 

Changes & Improvements: 

Keeping up with the latest trends is important to us because it not only allows us to engage more with the community but also makes it so that we are constantly trying new things and improving ourselves. When you order from our menu, you may find that we often add new things to see if it can be the next big hit. For the fall season, we are now selling pumpkin spice flavored drinks! In the winter or summer, we might have something new so order quickly! 


At the tea house, we believe in bonding with the customer, and are open to any suggestions that one may have. Because we greatly consider others opinions, becoming a partner with us is a real possibility! If you have an idea, ask for Brian when you come in, and it may just take you places you never thought possible.

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